Goodsoul Blues is a personal blog intended only to gather and present information of interest to me.

The blog name and its domain name arise from the “Goodsoul” alias used by me on the internet since 1993. The alias itself arose from having come across a rare gem of a daily meditation book,  Blues ain’t nothing but a good soul feeling bad, written by Sheldon Kopp in 1992. That book has been instrumental in improving the quality of my life.

The blog itself is a hodgepodge spanning many topics and has no particular theme other than the daedal world we occupy. As a blog, it has no commercial value, and is not intended to gather a following or promote the interests of any particular group or individual. Sometimes, the entries are largely void of any particular context. For example, some entries were cut and paste from entries made in an online community that has since fallen by the wayside. Without knowledge of that community, those entries will likely seem disconnected and silly. That’s okay.

Much of the content is original, much consists of snippets from the web or direct quotations from favorite authors. I will endeavor to properly cite all authors and publishers of all material whether authored by me or others. The copyrights associated with the site in general obviously do not, and are are not intended to claim rights in the works of others. From a conceptual perspective, I wish you to take what you want, and ignore the rest – but that is a figurative, not a literal invitation to usurp my copyrights or the copyrights of others.

All of the header images are my own images taken over the past decade. Many more of my images may be found on Flickr and around the web and on my site, PhotoSensate – Apprehending Light! All images are copyright, Charles. L. Johnson.

Lastly, please note the small icons at the bottom of the site pages. Those are links to the various social and other sites on the web that I frequent.

Thanks for visiting!