God’s Will – Forward

There is a great amount of work ahead of me if I am ever blessed with sufficient energy, intelligence and circumstance to comprehend and perhaps, clarify, that point of wisdom I am touching upon that is beyond the conflicts of illusion and truth. Perhaps I will someday write it all down. But I believe wholeheartedly that it begins with, “Nothing happens in God’s universe by chance.”

It is too late tonight to offer even a glimpse of where this is all taking me. But my hope abounds that the research and study I have undertaken will in time support even a modest elaboration of how faith in a higher power is essential to the attainment of happiness and that all religions, stripped of their literal fabric lay bare not only the same path, but will find in science, full support of the metaphorical truths that they contain.

I have great doubt that such work will necessarily be of any benefit to anyone else, but without hesitation I profess that it has been that which has put my life back together, and will surely be that which continues to give my life purpose and joy.

I am certain that God had this in mind that day at the church in the rain.