BluesAintNothingBookCoverImagination is the heartland of human experience, not simply the quality of thought of children, mad-men, and fools. It is not merely a passing state of mind. Along with memory, imagination is the mind.

Through the power of our minds, we form concepts that bring order to otherwise random events in ways that allow us to make our way through this life, guided by expectations colored by fear or hope. There is a time for hope and a time for fear. Bringing the same attitude to every situation is not a sign of character, but rather an indication of a character disorder.

Out of fear, we act to avoid something, or in hope, we want to bring about some positive result. In either case, we intend some particular outcome. No matter what we choose to do or not to do, what happens as a result is our responsibility.

We may tell ourselves that we can t help what we do, but responsibility for our actions and attitudes is ours nonetheless.