BluesAintNothingBookCoverSome people are very attentive to other people’s needs. They pride themselves on intuiting what is needed and providing it without having to be asked. More often than they imagine, they are experienced and intrusive and controlling.

The corollary of their “generosity” is that on the few occasions that they themselves feel needy they expect others to do the same for them. Often they are needlessly disappointed, as though the fact that a friend cannot read their mind means he (or she) doesn’t really love them. Ironically, their attempt to avoid being a bother may make impossible demands on people who would be happy to help out if only they understood what was needed.

It’s a lovely feeling when someone who cares about you understands and provides what you need without having to be asked, but sometimes you have to ask for what you want – sometimes more than once.

Loving me doesn’t mean you have to be able to read my mind.