Blues ain’t nothing but a good soul feeling bad

BluesAintNothingBookCoverThis Sheldon Kopp (deceased) book was published by Simon & Schuster in 1992 (ISBN 0-671-76838-7). I own a few copies and have purchased and given away a few to friends and family. The book has had a significant impact on my life. It is a daily meditation, with one short, concise insight for each day of the year, followed by a summarizing, highly memorable single line which might otherwise be a quote for the day.

I sometimes regard the relevancy of the a given day’s content as nothing short of Almighty Coincidence – it is uncanny how frequently what going on in my life on a given day is more easily understood, more easily tolerated, regarded more readily as a blessing than how I might have otherwise perceived things.

I present all of the pages from the book here, but only one each day as it corresponds to the current date. Like the rest of this site, this is for my own ready reference; but I encourage others to “keep coming back” and hopefully purchase a copy of the book for their own. Although out of print, this book can often be found in new and used condition in various book stores or on Amazon.

More about Sheldon Kopp is written by Wolfgang Saxon, a copy of which is reproduced here.

                                    Thank you Sheldon.