BluesAintNothingBookCoverSome people assume postures so heroic that no one can imagine that, at times, they need help. Others seem so eccentric that cries for help go unrecognized and misunderstood. As the English poet, Stevie Smith, wrote of herself,

I was much too far out all my life,
And not waving but drowning.

If we want to avoid going under when help is available, we must learn to find ways of communicating our helplessness and distress – ways that others can respond to and understand.

Some of us “would rather die” than willingly expose our frailties. Unfortunately, we may get our wish. It may be true that “pride goeth before a fall,” but it is also true that humanity is needed if we are to get someone to come to help us up.

When we lose ourselves to experiencing the moment, we leave our development to the Higher Power within us.