BluesAintNothingBookCoverA story in Hindu mythology tells of Krishna dancing with many women in a way that expressed emotion overflowing from a full heart. If we learn what this tale has to teach, it frees us from the assumption that there is only so much love to go around.

In the story, Krishna responds to a question about love, explaining that there are those who love expecting to receive love in return, selfishly seeking their own happiness. When people pair in this way, they are using each other, rather than simply loving. Then there are those who love though there is no love given in-return; as mates, these people are kind and com-passionate caretakers who can be depended on to be good friends. A third type is incapable of returning the love offered and therefore is self-satisfied, distant, and indifferent.

Krishna’s own alternative was to willingly devote himself entirely to each one he loved, and invite each to be completely dedicated to him.

The more we love one person, the more we can love others as well.