BluesAintNothingBookCoverAt particular points along the way, a soul-searching spiritual journey may follow different paths. Everything works. Nothing works. Unwittingly we stumble onto a particular path. Once we recognize where we are, we must consciously choose to do what we are already doing. We will follow that path until it seems to go nowhere, then wander in despair for a time until we blunder onto another. Again, it is time to accept responsibility without blame for this phase in our journey.

Often we don’t deliberately make the significant decision. Instead, we come to realize that somewhere along the way the decision has already been made. Then, we need to surrender and responsibly accept the choice as our own.

In every important aspect of our lives, we will discover attitudes in ourselves we weren’t aware of and find ourselves in situations that only later we realize we chose ourselves.

Giving up blaming others for our own decisions is a big step.