BluesAintNothingBookCoverMost of us spend a good portion of our lives as though we were performing on the stage of life. Surely there must be an audience out there somewhere! If no one is watching or listening, what would be the point of it all? Living in our own spotlight, we cannot see into the darkness of the empty house. Receiving no response, we assume we must be a flop. We think we need to try harder, to improve the show, to wait a bit longer. We wait in vain for the applause to come.

Or we can get off the stage and get a different view of what we’re doing. How important is it to live our lives showing off so that others will admire us? How different our lives would be if we judged our performance in terms of how it feels to us, rather than how we imagine it looks to others? The question is not whether we should or shouldn’t enjoy being appreciated but whether we want to spend our lives waiting for someone else to applaud.

The freedom to do as ow please is one kind of power.