BluesAintNothingBookCoverA holy man once had an apprentice who worked very hard for him. As a matter of fact, the master only kept him because of his great effort, since otherwise he thought the apprentice was rather stupid.

One day, a rumor spread that the apprentice had walked on water, crossing a river as easily as if he were crossing a street. The master questioned him, “Is this true? Can you really cross the river by walking on the water?”

“Ah, yes,” the apprentice replied, “thanks to you. Every step of the way I repeat your saintly name and that is what holds me up.”

The holy man thought to himself, “If it is in my name that this miracle occurs, I must possess power I did not suspect. But, after all, I have never tried it.”

So, the master hurried to the river, stepped off the bank onto the water, chanting with complete faith, “Me, me, me.” And he sank.

A touch of humility helps us find our way.