BluesAintNothingBookCoverIf someone asks you to “Please pass the salt,” there is very little room for misunderstanding. However, if you’re asked “What do you think you really mean by what you just seemed to say?” all at once, it is no longer a simple matter of this or that, yes or no.

Our subjective interpretations are particularly affected by intense emotions. Even subtle hopes and fears influence how we see things and the ways we interpret facts to fit attitudes.

In circumstances that are highly emotional and/or subjective, we usually still assume that there is only one true reality. However, if this delusion of a true reality remains unexamined, we come to believe that surely our own personal experience is right. If others disagree, they must be fools or liars. Given the way our minds naturally work, it’s a wonder we’re able to agree with each other at all..

All we know is what we imagine to be true.